Sunday, June 05, 2011

The littlest things

I haven't been very well this week, and was off work for most of it, but a few small things have been making me a bit more happy.
 Jammie Dodgers Minis
Barry M nail polishes
 Barry M "Berry Ice Cream"
Barry M "Red Glitter"
 Barry M "Berry Ice Cream"

My Barry M nail polish collection is growing. I can't recommend them enough in terms of finish and wearability.

Slightly tragically, I bought the "Red Glitter" polish because Alexa Chung recommended it in an interview. It really is like a pair of ruby slippers for your nails.


Anonymous said...

i bought the red one too!!! i don't like it :s good for fancy dress though!

Julia said...

You need to put three coats on! x