Saturday, January 14, 2012

Primark spring/summer 2012

They've done it again. Another surprisingly gorgeous spring/summer collection from Primark. 

Although I generally avoid the hell that is shopping in the high-street's cheapest fashion retailer, I have to admit there are some lovely pieces here.

Last year, they did Prada-esque riviera prints, and this year they've excelled themselves with a very close (I'm talking potential legal action) copy of the spring/summer 2012 Prada car-print pieces, as modelled by Dakota Fanning in this month's Elle.

No doubt, I'll be in their Oxford Street flagship as soon as these items appear.

 Prada or Primark?

All images from Primark spring/summer 2012 collection

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Anonymous said...

Always Primark!!!!!:-))
I love that shop!!!