Saturday, February 11, 2012

American Apparel cable-knit pullover

Beret - American Apparel
Blouse - New Look
Pullover - American Apparel
Laura Palmer badge - Bookhouse Creations on Etsy
Belt - ASOS
Skirt - Hobbs NW3
Socks - American Apparel
Shoes - Hobbs NW3
Bag - American Apparel

It's virtually impossible to look good in this cold weather. Any nice outfit gets ruined by excess layers: hats, scarves, vests, extra jumpers and multiple pairs of tights. To be honest, shortly after these photos were taken I added another jumper and a snood. The only solution is to invest in knitwear - like this American Apparel pullover. When you can't take your jumper off, at least make sure it's a pretty one.


Kate Caveney said...

LOVE those shoes...x

Julia said...

Aww thanks Kate! xx

Izzy said...

found you through chictopia, and I absolutely love your looks! all the pastels in this outfit are just so pretty. I can't decide what I like the most- the super cute blue beret, yellow clutch or those adorable oxford booties! the little rose design on the collar is just fantastic as well. Loving all the colours and details! <3 I've just become your newest follower- and I can't wait to see more beautiful looks from you in the future! :)

Julia said...

Thank you so much Izzy! Just checked out your blog and I love it. Now following you too :)

Thanks x

Kim said...

The pin is a nice touch. I absolutely LOVE those shoes!

found the route

Julia said...

Thank you Kim! x