Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hat - American Apparel, jumper - Marc by Marc Jacobs, coat - TBA at Urban Outfitters, 
trousers - ASOS, bag- Primark, boots - Topshop

Call me shallow, but I get a weird sense of satisfaction when I buy something simply because I like it, and it turns out to be a fashion "thing". When I bought a black dress from Pearl Lowe's collection for Peacocks a few years ago, I couldn't help but feel smug when I read that Courtney Love had declared it was very "her in the nineties" and had asked for one to be couriered to her hotel in New York, while other celebs also joined the waiting list.

I recently bought these boots from Topshop, because I thought they looked nice and because I thought they would be comfortable and practical. Later, I looked at them online and found out they had been selling out all over the place.

These boots, which Topshop calls "Ambush", are apparently inspired by a pair of boots by uber-cool label Acne - the Acne Pistol boots. Acne's version was priced at £350 and is now sold out.

I love the fact that I wandered in to Topshop Oxford Circus, vaguely fancying some new boots, and picked up these beauties, only to discover that they are indeed a "thing". And I also love that I got them for £275 less than the Acne Pistols.