Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Going back to Cali

I'm going to California on Friday (OH MY GOD), so this week I had the usual last-minute pre-holiday panic and decided I simply couldn't go away without buying three things.
  1. A classic breton top from H&M
  2. A pair of orangey-red shoes from ASOS
  3. A Sleek "Classic' eyeshadow palette
My theory is that these three things will transform my look and go with everything. Just like all the other things I've ever bought.


miss vintage vixen. said...

Ooooh Ca-lee-for-nee-ay, my home town! Where in California are you staying? Have fun! And those heels are so amazing. I love the color.

Julia said...

Thank you! I am staying in San Francisco for a week, then going to Yosemite, Big Sur and Santa Cruz. Exciting!